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GreenSkye Energy are proud to announce that they are offering FREE SOLAR with conjunction with SunEdison.




Up to 15% Electricity Savings


SunEdison Energy Saver Plan could save you up to 15% on your electricity bill during the first year. Yes, just like that, you’ll see immediate savings.


What's more, if you use your electricity wisely, changing your energy consumption patterns to use more during peak solar production hours, you can save even more.


Can you think of another energy system that can offer you the same benefits?


To help you maximize savings via increased self consumption, we have compiled practical information and tips for you in our Save Even More section.



Low Quarterly Fees


The SunEdison Energy Saver Plan helps you control your spending: You

know what you're paying with set costs (per kWh) and no nasty surprises

as you pay an affordable rate every quarter for 20 years. In addition to

this, you also have a fixed annual increase of only 3.5%. Way below the

average 8% annual increase of UK Electricity prices in the last 10 years.


It really is a win win.



20 year Performance Guarantee


You can rest easy knowing that performance is guaranteed for 20 years*. We guarantee 90% of expected aggregate production over the first two years and each year thereafter for 20 years.


Amazing, isn’t it?


For more information, Contact us here.